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Guest   •   January 12, 2024

We are very grateful for their strategy and support

From the beginning to the end of the sale of our childhood home in Beaufort, the MCKRE team was positive, efficient and were compassionate communicators. They were there when we needed them and always upbeat, especially during an emotional sale. We are very grateful for their strategy and support!
Guest   •   January 12, 2024

This organization cares about the people around them, honoring the needs of clients and community alike

he experience MCKRE offers is not comparable to a traditional real estate transaction. Their highly effective team provides concierge level service; all the customer sees is results. The highly engaged and effective staff is guiding the customer at each step of the process. It is evident communication is highly prioritized both within the team and to the customer, eliminating any questions and ensuring the most streamlined experience possible. This team offers the highest level of customer service at every level. MCKRE not only ensures the customer is prioritized at the highest level, but also their community via the impressive MCKRE Gives initiative. Few organizations adequately invest in themselves, nonetheless in their community. MCKRE does both, and their level of community involvement and commitment to invest and serve Carteret County is inspiring.