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Lana Collmann

Lana Collmann

Event Coordinator
5420 US-70, Morehead City, NC 28570 for Lana Collmann for Lana Collmann

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Lana is systematic and meticulous, utilizing various tools and techniques to complete every task with precision. Having worked for a non-profit and also as an executive assistant to Mary Cheatham, she knows how to produce under pressure.

Skillfully plans and executes all MCKRE events, both internally and externally, taking our events to the next level.

From the inner workings to the spectacle of the events themselves, Lana diligently crafts and elevates each affair, making them memorable and successful for all involved.

A loving and busy mother of two, Lana always finds a way to share her time— whether at the schools, at town events or at home with her family.