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Kelly Hefferon

Kelly Hefferon

Lead Buyer Agent for Kelly Hefferon

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Kelly's role as Lead Buyer Agent complements her in many ways. She has an unpretentious and easy-going way that makes her an excellent relationship builder. Her years working on our Buy Team have provided her with a depth of experience and knowledge, but it is Kelly's sense of caring and appreciation for the "magic of home" that create her distinction.

Kelly understands the importance of planting roots and that feeling has grown as she has. With her hands-on knowledge of what it takes to build a home, too, having worked closely with her dad rehabbing house after house, Kelly is willing to get her hands dirty and can pretty much do it all!

Now, she adds Lead Buyer Agent to her roster of skills. Through clear communication, Kelly will track down the perfect property for each of her clients based on need as well as what they discover about their wants along the way. She specializes in offer strategy, negotiations, and current market dynamics and makes sure her clients are well-informed and at ease.

Kelly sets high goals both personally and professionally and relishes the opportunity to see them come to fruition here within the MCKRE team of dedicated women.