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Alyssa Wallace

Alyssa Wallace

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Alyssa Wallace, as listing agent, complements the MCKRE team with her enthusiasm, diligence, and grit. She is fearless! Alyssa manifested the position— pinpointing with absolute clarity her career goals and how they aligned with MCKRE's ideology. She cites strengthening existing relationships, creating new ones, and working with a proactive and communicative group of relentlessly resilient women as the impetus behind her pursuit to join our ranks!

As a North Carolina native, Alyssa loves sharing her knowledge and experience of the Crystal Coast and the opportunity to relay relevant details and developments about the local market to her clients. She also loves to partake in an exchange of information that keeps her educated on her sellers' needs. This give-and-take sets the foundation for trust and stems from both asking questions and listening. The end result ensures both she and her client are on the same page, the selling process will proceed smoothly, and any difficulties will be easily overcome.

Being an analytical thinker and a problem solver helps Alyssa come up with multiple solutions to problems and meet her ultimate objective — to act as a liaison and partner with each client, strategize from the get-go and pivot if necessary.