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By: Mary Cheatham King / 20 Oct 2021

Finding your perfect match is not always easy. It's a process that involves many things: connection, attraction, inspiration and ideals. This applies to more than romantic relationships — we long to live in the home of our dreams, too. From childhood and beyond we've pictured that house in our heads, drawn it in crayon, pined over it with best friends and spouses, even designed our ideal abode with apps for amusement. But, buying property to build is a legitimately fantastic option — and — it just might make your dreams come true!

Where you choose to live determines many things, including the quality of your investment and the quality of your life. Whether it's waterfront or right downtown, on the street where you grew up or at the beach where you spent your summers. You might be building bigger, downsizing or going green! Whatever your style, you can design your dream house to reflect your personality and preferences — from urban chic to country charm, classic coastal or Mid-Century Modern — make it your own from start to finish, inside and out!

A production build has all of the details ironed out so you can simply pick the floor plan and location you like. Either way, with a little planning you can include all the upgrades and features you want now so you don't have to add them in later. There is one thing we know for sure — you will be the first person to ever live in the home you build.

The supply of homes is low here on the Carolina coast, so the demand for new construction is booming. Building is an option that is now more popular than ever and property is getting scooped up quickly — land is a finite resource and a coveted one here on the coast. This is a place where folks from near and far have always traveled to visit and are now more and more…. deciding to stay.

According to Carteret Economic Development, new construction permits have jumped by 103% since 2014! Folks are deciding more and more to build here on the Crystal Coast and make it home.

Are you curious about building your next family home? Check out ALL lots we have for sale along the Crystal Coast — you're sure to find one you'll love!

Our real estate agents can help you buy or sell your home throughout all of Carteret County, North Carolina, including the following locations: Morehead City, Pine Knoll Shores, Peletier, Newport, Marshallberg, Indian Beach, Harkers Island, Gloucester, Emerald Isle, Davis, Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Broad Creek, Bogue, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach


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