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RECAP: MCKRE Gives Volunteer Week

By: Mary Cheatham King / 27 Mar 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, and followed along with our first ever MCKRE Gives Volunteer Week! For the week of March 18 through 23rd, we shined a light on SIX local charities by:

  1. collecting books for Title Wave Book Mobile
  2. laying sod for Crystal Coast Habitat
  3. delivering Easter goodies to the Leon Mann Jr. Enrichment Center
  4. shopping for food and supplies for HOPE mission 's 160+ meals/day
  5. restocking the West Carteret High School
  6. and hosting a Misplaced Mutts adopt-a-thon at The Periwinkle

Because of YOU, we raised over $1,000 and got ONE Misplaced Mutt adopted ("Acorn", now "Otto" found a new home with previous clients of ours!). We loved getting involved with each of these organizations and can't wait to shine a light on even more through our MCKRE Gives initiative.

Looking to get involved, too? We have an ongoing GoFundMe set up for folks who want to give back, but aren't sure where to start! Every donation through this GoFundMe will go to a local charity or organization in need.

Click here to give back:

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