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By: Mary Cheatham King / 01 Nov 2021

Once upon a time, the Crystal Coast was a windswept harbor— a stop-off for sailors, fishermen and pirates. What it lacked in sophistication it made up for in history and romance! Recently, however, this area has grown into a sophisticated destination that offers the best of town and country, with much more to enjoy than our crystal clear waters and fresh seafood. Our area has become competitive in cutting-edge technology, medicine and health-and-beauty— actually all three, at the new arm of Carolina Center for Surgery Laser Vein MedSpa. This Morehead City MedSpa may be ultra-modern, but the vibe is gracious from the get-go, from the boutique feel to the kind associates who make you feel cared for and safe. Dr. Neil Jones is the champion behind this operation. He is the quintessential "good doctor" who oozes empathy, care and kindness, paired with a background as a surgeon with refined and impressive skills. Dr. Jones's primary focus is on laser vein treatment (varicose and spider) for anyone who is suffering — from mild embarrassment, to moderate discomfort, to extreme leg pain. Dr. Jones — along with his nurse, Tiffanie, and vein coordinator, Wendy — will help you get back on your feet and back into shorts! His patients include women and men from their 20s to 70s, often hailing from all over the state, and treatments are quick and often curative. Everything from the first visit to the last is handled on-site in an environment that is both clean and serene, adding to the overall appeal of this MedSpa. We are lucky to live on a shore bathed in the surf and sunshine, but the effects of the sun can do more than boost your mood — fine lines and dark spots are consequences that are almost impossible to avoid! Dr. Jones' esthetician, McKenzie, handles a variety of additional procedures from tattoo removal to acne, cellulite, and dark spot removal, to facials and resurfacing treatments— for a refreshed and rejuvenated best possible you! Thanks to the Carolina Center for Surgery Laser Vein MedSpa, you can enjoy every element of our glorious setting and your active lifestyle. Whether it's boating, beachcombing, tennis or taking in the sunset from your porch, with top-notch medical care from Dr. Jones and his team, nothing can hold you back!

Be the

Develop a simple, realistic skincare routine that works for you. Pro Tip: the folks at Carolina Center for Surgery can help!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times.

Meditate. A healthy brain on the inside will reflect on the outside!

Break a sweat. Whether it's a quick walk or a class at your favorite local gym, get those endorphins going by increasing your heart rate and incorporating some active minutes into your day.

Fuel your body with nutrients – such as leafy greens, plenty of protein and fiber. Your skin will thank you!

If there is something about your skin that you'd like safely removed or corrected, reach out to the team at the Carolina Center for Surgery Laser Vein MedSpa for a consultation!

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