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Elevate your Space with Hinklemade

By: Mary Cheatham King / 24 Jan 2024
Elevate your Space with Hinklemade

According to Hope and Jake Hinkle of local interior design firm Hinklemade, you can accomplish good vibes in your home without having to design your space from scratch. Below, this design duo shares their top tips to take your home from chaos and clutter to calm and collected.


...plays such a huge part in the mood and vide of our spaces. Pay attention to the color temperature of the light in your space. Hinklemade's professional recommendation? Stick with a warm white light for a calming and consistent vibe.

Easy ways to upgrade your space with lighting: Replace your light bulb with a warm white or soft white color temperature (2700K-3000K).  Also, add accent lighting with lamps and tape light under the toe kick of your cabinets.


...never go our of style. Surround yourself with the things that are important to you. Heirloom quality items have a story-- they take you on a journey to a memory and act as a conversation piece to share those moments with your guests. Be meaningful in your décor, art and accessories.

Easy ways to upgrade your space with items you love: Fill your space with items that tell a story. Don't have any in the attic? Local antique stores hold unique treasures full of history. Think outside the box!


...where it counts! Budget is always a factor when creating a space, so think about how you and your guests interact with your space and focus on higher quality items for those locations. From the moment you walk in the front door you have the opportunity to create a feel-good experience.

Items worth investing in: Sofa's. Kitchen Seating and Mattresses

Three ways to reduce chaos + clutter

  1. Kids' artwork — Keep the memories without the clutter by scanning artwork and making a printed book with a website like Scribble, Plum Print or Mixbox.
  2. Cabinet storage — If you're replacing your cabinets, opt for solid cabinet doors instead of glass doors or floating shelves in areas that are used to store essential, not-so-pretty items.
  3. Y'all...Do the dishes — No one wants to clean up after every meal, but putting your dishes in the dishwasher or sink can instantly change the vibe from chaos to order. 


Receive a clear design concept visual before you invest in your project (and avoid making costly mistakes by seeing 3-D design options first!), get recommendations for local quality craftsman and subcontractors, and – ultimately – feel confident and proud of your space!


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