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A waterfront classic in Harkers Island

By: Mary Cheatham King / 22 Jul 2022
A waterfront classic in Harkers Island

"Something within fishermen tries to make fishing into a world perfect and apart—I don't know what it is or where because sometimes it is in my arms and sometimes in my throat and sometimes nowhere in particular except somewhere deep." Norman McLean

Have you ever been so absorbed in an activity that everything else fades away? Your focus is intense, and there is a deep satisfaction in what you are doing. In the moment, it may seem as if hours pass by quickly, as if in a time warp. This experience is often referred to as a "flow" state. Flow can be experienced through creative or athletic endeavors, rewarding work (which our team can attest to!), music, or hobbies like sailing or fishing. Finding your flow is a gift! Anyone familiar with the feeling is undoubtedly grateful for the simultaneous excitement, peace, and happiness it brings.

The seller of 206 Pintail is lucky enough to have a close connection with the flow state through his lifelong pursuit of flyfishing. This may surprise some, who imagine the pre-requisite for fly fishing is to be wader-clad, thigh-high, in a cool river in the mountains. Not so! The Florida Keys was the site of the start of the saltwater fly fishing craze that took flight like a lightweight lure in the 1950s and traveled upward and onward to local hotspots— including Harkers Island. According to the seller, you'll find fly fishing fans off Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, then popularity trails off traveling south until right here on the Outer Banks.

When purchasing a second home for life's more leisurely and joyous pursuits, the seller stumbled upon 206 Pintail Lane in Harkers Island and knew it was "The One." This waterfront home is a classic, and its coastal appeal was immediately apparent with charming wood shakes and wrap-around porches front and back.

What sealed the deal was its visionary location with a dock for easy access to the sea. Add to that the magic of the surroundings and view from the back deck, where sun-lit colors of water and sky — pinks, blues, and gold— are breathtaking to behold and another force for wellbeing.

The beauty of this spot is immeasurable! This sweet locale radiates small-town charm with friendly faces, a joie de vivre, and unrivaled views of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. But for saltwater fly rodders, its massive appeal has more to do with migrating false albacore, who flock to its shores every year and whose not-so-great taste (nothing like albacore from a tuna can) means they are fished by no one else. Red drum is the state fish, and they never leave, making them the perfect prize year-round for anglers, including world-class fishers who cast their lines on Harkers Island.

A considerable part of the human experience for millennia was to connect with the environment and allow the full range of all five senses to sink in. For any nature lover — fisherman, hunter, bird watcher, boater, or hiker, this connection is likely the driving force and purpose behind their pastime of choice.

Whatever moves you from within, be it casting flies, sailing the open sea, identifying songbirds, or simply savoring the beauty of nature and the coastal lifestyle, this home is a haven. It is a place for reflection and family and friends, with well-thought-out spaces created for ease and joy of living that allow time spent inside and outside to be full of meaning.

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