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Position: Listing Coordinator

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Susan Shouse, as the Listing Agent, is an information gatherer and a care-taker. Susan gets to know the clients and as much about their home as she can. This enables her to process the listing efficiently, effectively and accurately, but it also facilitates the transfer of knowledge to the buyer’s agent and in turn, the buyer.

Susan makes sure everything has been handled and taken care of, from pre-listing inspections, to helping determine selling points, to adding the property into MLS, Susan is always on top of things, always communicating . When a prospective buyer walks into that home, it is presented impeccably, and they have everything they need to know to make an offer.

One of Susan’s gifts is her talent for impartiality with regards to pricing. In her 30 years in the appraisal and real estate business, she has learned it is crucial to set the appropriate price for your home. Her mad math skills and tireless work ethic, combined with an innate sense of where the market is, help her to come up with the right price the first time. And that will get your house sold quickly.

Susan is there at the start of every transaction, and relishes the process and the quality of service given at MCKRE every step of the way.
Susan is incredibly reliable and introspective, but complex. She is focused, yet hilarious and fun. She sets the tone for the camaraderie and the positive outlook that we all enjoy and count on so much at MCKRE. You can tell Susan is a wonderful mother to her daughter and son, and she brings that warmth and nurturing spirit to the team.

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