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Position: Listing Specialist

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Stephanie Mann has a long real estate resume and broad skill set that provide her with in-depth knowledge and experience as well as stability. Her familiarity, and almost twenty years in the business, make her an astute and savvy agent and a ready advocate for her clients. She is able to deftly navigate the vast and sometimes rough — even uncharted waters of each and every listing. She has cultivated a work ethic of determination combined with compassion and stands by her clients at every stage, making sure they are familiar with the whole process. Her goal is to “never want them to have to guess what happens next.” 

Having worked in a law firm and a title company, Stephanie has had direct experience with both attorneys and lenders, supplying her with established connections and the means to get the answers as part of her long-standing career. Whether it’s the minutiae of contracts, due diligence difficulties or negotiating deals with victory and grace, Stephanie has the wisdom to see it through. With additional time under her belt as a solo agent, she is committed to the connections she makes with her clients and puts her energy where it is most needed— concentrating on  communication above all else. 

Stephanie is approachable and calm, and instantly puts people at ease. She has an air of quiet confidence and competence that no doubt comes from being a  mother of three. From day-to-day, she cultivates a spirit of gratitude in all she does, focusing on her kids, her career and her health. We share that same sentiment of appreciation, and are thankful to have her on the MCKRE team.

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