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Position: Client Concierge

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Shannon Arner believes wholeheartedly in making a difference. Proof of this passion is the significant effect she has on the people, places and endeavors to which she is connected. She is motivated by original ideas and adventure and is unintimidated by change. Shannon finds inspiration in new situations and relishes the opportunity to discover fresh viewpoints and resolution through unconventional thinking.

The natural beauty of the Carolina coast is in part what wooed Shannon to North Carolina, and this lifestyle is what resonates with her the most. The southern warmth and generosity of spirit is in line with Shannon’s open and inclusive vibe and her ability to make anyone feel welcomed. Her role as Client Concierge is a fitting one for Shannon as she continually connects with clients— past, present and future to help them maneuver deftly through the multifaceted home buying and selling process.

As someone who has realized her own dream of moving to the Crystal Coast, Shannon helps others identify and articulate the details of their home search or sale, to ensure their hopes and plans come to fruition. With an instinctive ability to put herself in others’ shoes, Shannon is excellent at helping our clients clarify and cultivate their search criteria to obtain the ideal end result.

Shannon’s positivity is contagious, she spreads joy wherever she goes, and she considers optimism a powerful force for good — even world peace!

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