Pleasants Higgs

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Position: In-House Interior Design & Staging Consultant

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There are striking similarities between island life and living here on the Crystal Coast. Our resident Interior Designer, Pleasants Higgs knows firsthand and is grateful! It made her transition moving from the Bahamas to Eastern North Carolina that much smoother. Lovely weather, pristine beaches, better quality of life and that small town, mellow vibe are just a few of the things that the two places have in common. And in Pleasants case, the best part. Family. 

Pleasants got her design degree right after college and moved to the Bahamas which kicked off her real estate career, the other parallel. Pleasants’ experience runs the gamut, from the building process and renovation through finishes, design and staging your home to show. Start to finish, she has the know-how, the vision and the skill to cultivate clients’ ideas and merge them with design concepts and contemporary style, to bring out the best in any setting! 

Pleasants is passionate about what she does and is able to fuse her incredible organizational ability with her keen eye and great taste. Being able to offer her expertise to our clients is a unique and wonderful benefit to working with the team at Mary Cheatham King Real Estate.

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