Melissa Spence

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Position: Seller Coordinator

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Melissa’s personality fits perfectly with her position as Seller Coordinator for Stephanie Mann at MCKRE. Working in this rapid-fire environment requires the ability to juggle multiple projects and maintain order, which matches her systematic and methodical approach to operations. Melissa adds skill and experience to what comes to her naturally, having spent 20 years in the real estate world.

From property management to accounting, to trusts and listings, negotiating, processing paperwork, and more, Melissa’s background is vast and varied. She has a willingness to get the job done and an intuitive ability to prioritize and research to get the answers she needs— which she does for Stephanie and her sellers on a daily.

Melissa loves meeting new people from fresh places with diverse backgrounds, so getting to know them during listing is a joyful part of the process for her. She channels the thoughts and insights shared by others into the service she provides. She is “eager to do what’s good” for our clients and all of those she connects with.

Melissa comes from the Greek word for “bee”… creatures Melissa herself loves! A fitting salute as bees is essential! They are hard workers and community-minded. Melissa, too, is dedicated to family and friends and being a team player…  we could not do it without her!

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