Meg Gravley

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Position: Marketing & Design Director

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Meg brings her fresh, imaginative perspective and approach to the marketing table at every turn, making MCKRE’s commitment to the industry and high standards indisputable. With her impeccable eye for design, Meg is able to consistently convey the beauty and integrity of the MCKRE brand. From our esteemed newsletter, to custom marketing strategies for each client and more, Meg combines her artistic skills with her desire to show things in the brightest light possible.

Meg is authentic and original in mind and in character, with a contagious, sunny outlook and vibe— she universally embraces the world and the people around her. She grew up an only child, yet relates to people openly and easily, always able to find common ground. As a problem solver Meg is steadfast and will always find a way to push a little further to find the solution. Just like the heart that grows to accommodate loved ones, Meg believes that there is always room for more enthusiastic and supportive thoughts and actions for herself and others.

Meg spent the last few years as a Graphic Designer, working at a local Morehead City firm. She practiced and polished her artistic ability while there, and has come to us with a tremendous amount of focused and dedicated skill. We feel blessed to have her!

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