Mary Mcelvey

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Position: Buyer Coordinator

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Mary works in partnership with Lead Buyer Specialist, Belinda Whitlatch, providing direct support to both Belinda and her clients. One of the many wonderful qualities Mary possesses is her natural inclination toward connection. Her heartfelt wish is to get to know each buyer client on a deeper level by engaging in heartfelt dialogue and providing support in order to cultivate a relationship and build trust. This is the best formula, too, for helping buyers find their perfect property! 

Mary’s methodology is a proactive one. By thoroughly asking questions and supplying documents and information ahead of time, she is prepared for any unforeseen issues and sets expectations well in advance. 

Much like her dogs that she adores (she wants ALL OF the dogs!) Mary is loyal to the core. She prides herself on being a tried and true supporter of those she loves — and that includes the folks she works with like her clients!  Mary fills her cup by helping someone through something difficult — like buying a home— which has many steps and sometimes a few hurdles along the way. 

The duo of Belinda and Mary work together tirelessly to walk each client down the road to homeownership —and they will bypass, jump over or stomp on any roadblock along the way!

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