Lori Harbin

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Position: Seller Coordinator

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One of Lori’s goals is to put people at ease. So, it makes sense that being around her is a comfort—simultaneously joyful and calm. Lori has always been interested in real estate and excited by it, too. Having the tools and ability to help people make decisions that will enhance their lives is a thrill for her.

One of the things that makes Lori so good at her role, as Liz Waine’s Listing Coordinator and Assistant, is that she is such an effective communicator. She has the remarkable ability to explain the multi-faceted, multi-stage real estate business in a way that makes sense to each client. She uses her background as a dancer, and her innate grace, to its full potential handling an array of situations with poise. Outstanding, individual customer care and precision in her work are qualities that make Lori a standout in a very competitive profession. 

Whether it’s first time buyers who are looking for someone to trust, or experienced sellers who are looking for someone who is accomplished and connected, the MCKRE Team, and the duo of Liz Waine and Lori Harbin are incredible.


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