Lisa Galizia

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Position: Buyer Coordinator

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Lisa thrives in a team environment where she is able to collaborate with others in order to achieve the most beneficial outcome for all. At the same time, Lisa is a strong and capable decision-maker, able to process information rapidly and independently problem solve for clients and for Brittany Segur, Lead Buyer Specialist.

For Lisa, the process of getting to know someone, anyone, no matter their background, lifestyle, likes or dislikes, is often the key to being able to help determine and carry-out their needs. She has a gift for putting people at ease. She says, “gaining insight into what are the smallest details of a client’s desires often end up being the most crucial elements later on.” 

Lisa does sweat the small stuff!  Being meticulous is an asset in this position and it is the quality that will prevent both mistakes and delays. It is also important to Lisa that Brittany be free from worry and can focus on her task at hand.  

Lisa’s work ethic is her bedrock — she declares, “If I fail, someone else fails,” and she is not about to let that happen. She has devised a system, and has a backup in place, and she has a backup for the backup, too! 

As detail-oriented as Lisa is, she is creative and fun loving, and you just might find her out on the town some night, dancing The Shag with her husband or singing Karaoke with her girlfriends!

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