Laura Montocchio

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Position: Lead Buyer Specialist

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As our Lead Buyer Specialist, Laura sets the tone for the extraordinary level of service our clients receive at MCKRE. Laura holds the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Certification, which requires high-level training and sales performance standards.

Laura’s experience is vast and varied. She has received professional accolades throughout her career, starting in the pharmaceutical industry as an award winning sales representative and trainer. She also ran her own corporate training firm from 2004-2015, where she and her team invented several innovative training tools for sales professionals.

Laura offers to her clients an understanding of life on the coast, knowledge regarding trends and amenities in today’s luxury home market and a commitment to top-tier customer service. What truly sets her apart is her serene vibe and a willingness to be present that come in part from her 10 years practicing yoga and meditation. It empowers her to be consultative and listening and adds to her overall ability to assess and fulfill her clients’ needs.

Laura is the embodiment of poise, mixed with geniality and local expertise. She consistently exceeds the expectations of her discerning clientele.

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