Landie Canfield Dalleo

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Position: Client Care Coordinator & Copywriter

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Landie’s  primary role is to be a touchstone for clients while their listing is active. She monitors all showing activity and continually connects with the buyer’s agents who have shown each property in order to gauge and track the interest of any and all potential buyers.  Landie’s goal is to keep every single seller well- informed so they feel reassured and confident as well as keenly aware of the market response to their listing.  

Landie also works very closely with the marketing department, contributing written content for the MCKRE blog and also helps generate ideas and feature content for the MCKRE quarterly magazine. As a published writer this is a labor of love and brings her tremendous joy. 

She is also gratified working one-on-one with clients, and is energized and enlightened by people. She takes to heart  the quote, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

Landie spent early her adult life in New York City where her love of community developed and grew. NYC is a place where your neighborhood is similar to a small town. You live among thousands of strangers, yet know everyone around you! She has lived in both big cities and smaller communities, but has finally found “home” here on the Crystal Coast.


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