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Position: Project Manager

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Lana Collmann, Project Manager at Mary Cheatham King Real Estate, has been graced with many gifts and skills, including the dual abilities of being both creatively minded and an organized, linear thinker. Lana has a knack for transforming vague ideas into defined plans that are inspired. The final result, Lana’s events and achievements, are out-of-the-box exceptional and beyond the original vision.

Lana spent several years honing her skills working with the community as Chamber Programming Director at the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce. It was there that Lana’s talent for heartfelt listening was inspired and grew. Her genuine interest in the client is what is so engaging about Lana, and what sets her apart. Through her determination and focus she is able to ask specific, pointed questions to establish what is needed to get the job done right, and to execute it with expertise .

Lana is constantly striving to be better, do more, and learn everything she can, taking on her role as Events Coordinator with fierce conviction. She chose to work at Mary Cheatham King Real Estate embracing the opportunity to work at an organization where mutual respect and hard work among team members, as well as Mary Cheatham herself, is the norm.

As well as perseverance and productivity in the workplace, Lana strives to be a guiding light to herself and others. She is an empowered woman who finds joy in hard work and the simple things in life like cooking and music. She is delightful and intuitive and can just as easily listen or make you laugh.

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