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Position: Director of Operations

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The timing for the addition of Kristin to our team couldn’t be better. Mary Cheatham King Real Estate has grown in a short time from a tight-knit group of a few women to a sizable and still growing crew, so choosing effective and inspirational leaders is key. 

 Kristin has forged her decades-long career working for large corporations and Fortune 500 companies with a primary focus on brand marketing and team management.  Her expertise lies in thoroughly understanding the business she’s in with a simultaneous sense for the range and subtlety of both the skills and needs of the people and teams that support it. Kristin’s objective is to ensure that each individual’s efforts and goals are aligned with the strategy and vision of the whole company. 

Kristin is blessed with much, including the power of discernment, which enables her to see clearly when it counts. Combined with an ability to connect and communicate directly, with kindness, she makes a profound impact for good. Within MCKRE, Kristin can see the forest as well as the trees, solving problems with a whole team approach and one-on-one.  She encourages fierce and open conversations and practices what she preaches with heartfelt listening and a “let’s learn as we go ” mentality that leads to progress and growth. 

Being present is a goal of Kristin’s and it can be felt in her dogged determination, her thoughtful reflection, and the grace and faith with which she lives her life. 

Kristin flew over 1,000,000 miles in the continental US before finding her way here, and she said every time she arrived in North Carolina, she always felt like she was home. We are grateful.


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