Kelly Hefferon

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Position: Buyer Coordinator

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Kelly’s partnership with Laura Montocchio, our Lead Buyer Specialist, has proved to be a fruitful one. In their two years working together, they have closed on more than 100 properties. Their complementary qualities of relationship building, and dedication through diligence, caring and communication mean that, for their clients—no need goes unmet.


Kelly has a deep sense of compassion and a strong sense of home — she feels that your dwelling, whatever that place may be, is a magical realm. She understands the importance of planting roots and is also keenly aware of the great financial significance a home purchase represents. Kelly’s local knowledge is a tremendous asset when it comes to hunting for properties. She helps buyers define their requirements at the beginning of the process, and later helps them refine those choices, enabling her clients to identify their dream purchase— for the best price.


Kelly works tirelessly along the way, showing properties, conveying information, maintaining a constant dialogue and an open mind. Kelly is present throughout each stage to share the benefit of her experience with each buyer, to provide guidance and an element of knowing calm. With Kelly as your ally, advocate and advisor from start to finish— you can do no wrong.

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