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Position: Listing Specialist

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People typically excel at their jobs based on skill, education, experience, and personality. When those elements come together just right— an amalgam of ideal qualities— the result is a woman uncommonly well-equipped for her position. I give you Kate Allen, our Listing Specialist. 

Kate is a skilled researcher, having spent several years as an Army Specialist and Intelligence Analyst where she analyzed vast amounts of material to discover a single truth. Her extensive training and natural resourcefulness made her exceptional at delivering accurate information within a demanding environment, as it does now for the Mary Cheatham King listing team. As a Listing Specialist, at every step, whether gathering property information, preparing listing documents, collecting details for the MLS, or finding out the financials, accuracy is critical as Realtors are not only rule-bound but law-bound, too. Kate calls on her ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and her curiosity, combined with her attention to detail and patience to get the job done and get it done right the first time.

Effective communication is yet another talent that proves beneficial in any position. In Kate’s previous job as Town Planner for Beaufort and her current role at MCKRE, she counts on more than her analytical approach to help maintain high standards. She is also an asset due to her ability to convey details and information with clarity, kindness, and honesty.  

As an advocate for animals and troubled youth, Kate is no stranger to compassion and carries a bright light from within, shining it wherever she goes.

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