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Position: Project Manager

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The Project & Field Coordinator role is demanding and requires a unique skill set. Jessica Ware, herself, passes muster and makes sure your property will, too! She thrives in a busy environment where tracking multiple tasks for multiple parties and multiple properties is paramount to success. Jessica has a keen eye for detail and is a natural organizer, two other talents that serve her and MCKRE’s clients well.

Jessica works with each seller at two fundamental points in the listing process — early on during pre-listing, and once the property goes under contract she steps back in during due diligence. Jessica handles everything from soup to nuts, including cleaning, keys, signs, lockboxes, and more. Most importantly, she coordinates the scheduling of necessary inspections for each property, reviews each report in detail with the client to create a prioritized punch list, identifying which repairs are the most beneficial and which are unnecessary.  This step is a critical component that contributes tremendously toward a sound transaction.

Jessica’s goal is to do her part to ensure a smooth path from kick-off to closing and net the most money to our sellers. 

Though Jessica is a creative soul, she is also self-assured and confident that real estate is her ideal career. She has moved 18 times throughout North Carolina in her young life, watching and learning as her dad bought and flipped homes. She says he is the inspiration behind her work ethic and that she “will do whatever is needed at the drop of a hat to get the job done.”

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