Jennifer Billaber

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Position: Buyer Coordinator

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Jennifer Billaber is perfectly suited for her role as Buyer Coordinator, and works closest with Lead Buyer Specialist, Laura Montochhio. It is Jennifer’s uncanny ability to anticipate not only Laura’s needs, but the needs of the client that make her so invaluable and her contribution so enduring.

Within this duo, Jennifer’s involvement enables Laura to give more one-on-one time to the client while allowing Jennifer to do what she loves most. She is a natural-born researcher and self-proclaimed sleuth, who finds joy digging up sometimes hard-to-find details concerning the specifics of the legal or technical side of home buying. Jennifer will sift through all pertinent information and relishes the moment when it all comes together like the pieces of a puzzle.

When spending time with Jennifer, she manages to make you feel like you are the only person in the room —the only person for whom she is working. She is diligent and focused and embraces a philosophy of total generosity with her time and energy. Her goal is to leverage Laura at every opportunity and to assist her in any way she can. This can range from small to sizable—emails and appointments, or answering difficult questions with ease.

Jennifer is the root system to Laura’s tree. What you see is the glorious leaves, strong trunk and outreaching branches….the bearing of fruit above, and below is a vast framework of roots and soil, working at every moment to nourish, feed and grow what flourishes overhead. An organizational system—complex, yet managed to be simple, efficient…Beautiful.

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