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Position: Project Manager

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Jennifer Billaber is particularly well-equipped to manage the position of Project Manager. She is incredibly capable, competent, and skilled with the ability to effortlessly move from mechanical, technical and construction knowledge to communication and care for our clients.  It is Jennifer’s uncanny capacity to plan, manage and monitor many projects at once that makes her such an asset to our team. 

Jennifer is a natural-born dynamo and self-proclaimed worker-bee, who finds joy getting her hands dirty, both literally and figuratively. She values being a part of the practical and personal side of home buying and wants to ensure that our clients are both protected and confident.  Jennifer will sift through information and inspections and relishes the moment when it all comes together like the pieces of a puzzle.

When spending time with Jennifer, she manages to make you feel like you are the only person in the room —the only person for whom she is working. She is diligent and focused and embraces a philosophy of total generosity with her time and energy. 

Jennifer’s contribution is a foundational part of the process of what we are able to accomplish by working together at MCKRE.  She is an integral part of our system—complex, yet simply efficient and beautiful! 

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