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Position: Relationship Coordinator

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If what they say is true, and “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, Elise is the perfect person to be greeting the folks who phone in, pop in or message the MCKRE office with the myriad of questions that arise each day. Elise is available to answer anything and everything by anyone who asks. 

It makes sense that Elise has both boundless energy and a deep thirst for knowledge. She manages our database of past clients, too – we are grateful that she is unintimidated by lots of information, even energized by it, proclaiming, “I am not afraid of what I don’t know.” She asserts that a lack of knowledge is not a defect of character, rather it is an opportunity to truly learn instead of only being taught or told. 

At MCKRE we advocate for our clients from the get-go and it all begins with Elise who helps each individual wholeheartedly and seeks out answers right from the start. She is a caller’s advocate from the get-go and believes “that everyone should feel heard, seen and respected”. Elise is dedicated to helping folks clarify their needs — whether it’s an inquiry about a home they’ve driven past, questions about permitting, or where they should eat for dinner on the waterfront!  We’ve got you covered at MCKRE. Thanks, Elise!

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