Dana Rybicki

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Position: Seller Coordinator

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Dana started her real estate career as a buyer’s agent in Minnesota, working on a tight-knit team similar to MCKRE. Those early days in a group setting taught Dana the difference collaboration can make to enhance both performance and positivity which comes naturally to her.


In her position here, she has switched to the listing side, a testament to Dana’s adaptability and flexibility in the workplace. She is undaunted by change and unflappable which frees her up to be incredibly productive. She applies this to her current role as Transaction Coordinator for Mary Cheatham by communicating directly with her sellers consistently and efficiently, with kindness and care.  As the touchstone for clients while their home is on the market, Dana’s role is paramount to the success of the listing process.


Dana and Mary Cheatham work together with a shared vision and unified goals to ensure each client is treated as if he/she were the only one!  Dana’s organizational skills are a fundamental part of maintaining order and minimizing chaos. She embraces the “work smart, not hard” objective and is able to communicate with clients, disseminate and record important information and smooth out any kinks along the way.  Her goal is to not only make sure the process is a seamless one, but that it’s a happy one, too!


Dana is passionate about helping. Whether it’s providing her children with love and care, or making sure each client feels heard, supported and informed, Dana is dedicated to each endeavor with her all.

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