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Position: Closing Coordinator

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Courtney is the Closing Coordinator. This is a highly specialized position that deals with the complicated regulations that go hand-in- hand with buying a home. Courtney acts as a guide, literally walking the client through the entire contract-to-close process, making something complex and intricate seem simple and doable. She is incredibly organized and detail-oriented, an absolute must for someone in this role.  Courtney will find out insurance details, bank and loan information, arrange for appraisals and inspections. She will coordinate schedules between all parties for any meetings, and make sure that all paperwork is signed and complete.

It makes sense that Courtney comes from a teacher background, she is literally at her desk with a red pen on your behalf, to ensure that every single thing is correct and that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Courtney thinks of everything, from letting you know which utility company to call and when, through due diligence and closing dates. She might even ask you what you’re having for lunch. She always makes sure everybody eats! Courtney has a twin sister and is a single mom, so family is the most important thing to her.  And that means work family, too.

Courtney does it all with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. The girl’s got spunk and lots of it!

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