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Position: Project Manager

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This position could have been tailor-made with Cameron in mind. It calls on her experience in residential new construction and commercial interiors and utilizes all of her career savvy, strengths, and passion for community and connection. As Development Coordinator, Cameron directly supports Mary Cheatham in her many new and existing development endeavors. 

Having a designated team member whose sole focus is to establish opportunities and help position MCKRE as the go-to choice for developments is hugely beneficial.  

Cameron helps guide the developer through the planning phase and continues her support through closing, assisting each party along the way. From contractors to vendors, buyers and agents, and our marketing team, she answers questions, provides accurate information, and handles the paperwork at each stage.

Cameron’s tireless work ethic is on full display with this role, as is her ability to manage project workflow, collaborate with multiple teams, prioritize effectively and celebrate milestones collectively. 

Cameron’s warm and accessible way makes her even more valuable as our team’s primary point of contact regarding our many active developments and the many more in the works. We love the security and the scope of understanding she provides concerning this vital element—and how that contributes to the distinctiveness of MCKRE.  

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