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Position: Buyer Specialist

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Brittany Segur is a Buyer Specialist for MCKRE, and works in partnership with Lead Buyer Specialist, Belinda Whitlatch. Brittany has a degree in psychology and is a yoga instructor. This mind and body balance explains her talent for connection and her ability to put people at ease. She is tenacious yet calm, with a love of information, which lends her an inquisitive nature loaded with patience. 

Brittany’s ideal client has lots of questions. She relishes the process of finding the answers,  solving problems and getting to check all the boxes! She is thorough and thoughtful, bringing harmony to the workplace and is able to mitigate any stress with her serene vibe and knowledge. 

Brittany finds helping people to be incredibly satisfying, whether campaigning for social justice and human rights—poverty, oppression and the environment, or simply bringing  her tolerant and non-judgmental presence to the table. Brittany is a force for good!

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