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Position: Lead Buyer Specialist

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Brittany  Segur is the Lead Buyer Specialist for Mary Cheatham King Real Estate. Brittany has a degree in psychology as well as a years-long commitment to the practice and teachings of yoga. This mind-body balance explains her ability to simultaneously connect with people and put them at ease. She is tenacious yet calm, traits that have nurtured her hard-working mindset. Brittany will do what it takes to get the job done right!

Buying a home is a monumental decision that involves many complex elements, steps, and details. Having a thorough and thoughtful buyer’s agent who will advocate for you and your best interests— both personal and financial— is key in today’s competitive market.

Brittany’s primary goal is to help her clients discover their perfect property.  She supports them throughout their search and communicates effectively in order to pinpoint their needs and wants likes and dislikes. She specializes in offer strategy, negotiations, and current market dynamics and consistently ensures her clients are well-informed and at ease. 

Brittany is able to bring harmony to her surroundings and to mitigate stress with her serene vibe, her tremendous knowledge, and her years of experience working with MCKRE.

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