Blair Van Coutren

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Position: Showing Partner

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The hallmark of excellent service combines extraordinary care with an unforgettable experience. As Showing Partner for the MCKRE Team, Blair Van Coutren puts her hospitality background to good use as well as her gift for connecting with new people with joy and ease.  It is through consistent and thoughtful communication that Blair is able to learn as much as she can about each client in order to help them pinpoint their needs and wants, articulate what they wish to accomplish, and ultimately help them to achieve their desired outcome. 

Blair says, “Dealing with customers is like having guests. You want them to feel relaxed and at home, comfortable and safe.” This winning philosophy inspires Blair to actively listen and enables her to also be heard. She is unflappable and steady as a rock — even in the presence of rock stars— as she often was in her previous career. She works to educate her clients on everything from local insights, to design style, to finances, so their actions can be in line with their objectives.

Buying a home is a process that involves many steps, many people, and many questions along the way. Blair’s deep desire for maintaining order helps her track tasks and employ the systems she creates— and is so fond of! This is a critical step as it enables her to support our buyer clients, buyer’s agents and the entire MCKRE team.

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