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Position: Buyer Coordinator

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For Beth, the process of getting to know someone is often the key to being able to help carry-out their needs. This notion, combined with Beth’s eagerness to be a proactive problem solver in order to have the answers to questions before they’re asked, and to put her clients at ease, makes Beth the ideal Buyer Coordinator for the buy team of Belinda Whitlatch and Brittany Segur. 

Beth, a small town mid-westerner by birth, started her professional career as a 5th grade teacher as near as North Carolina and as far away as Africa, honing her skills of patience, care and attentiveness —all qualities that play an active role in her current position. As well, Beth is known for her calm demeanor and positivity, an outlook that is contagious and instrumental when learning about each client’s needs in order to be able to smoothly guide them through the ins and outs of the home-buying process. 

Real Estate has always been a passion of Beth’s, as is travel and learning about new cultures, new people and new things. This sense of discovery and spirit of curiosity is a driving force in her life and serves her both personally and professionally, fueling both growth and a sense of wonder that is a delight. We are lucky to have this bright star in our midst!

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