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Position: Lead Buyer Specialist

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Belinda is a North Carolina native and spent her youth enjoying all the blessings and beauty of life on the coast.  Before finding her niche in real estate, Belinda spent 15 years in customer service in the government sector. During that time she was able to hone her diplomatic and supportive skills, making her unflappable and gracious as well as approachable.  

At Mary Cheatham King Real Estate, Belinda channels her love and knowledge of this area and her southern spirit into her role. Belinda’s true gift, however, is her ability to consistently and genuinely connect with her clients, which enables her to match them with their ideal home. As Lead Buyer Specialist, she specializes in offer strategy, negotiations, and current market dynamics. 

Belinda is honest, outgoing, and all-in when it comes to meeting the needs of her clients. She credits her success to her team and the hands-on support of her Buyer Coordinator, Mary McElvey who is her partner from the get-go.  Belinda consistently strives for triumph over mediocrity and this drive and positivity are what make her so accomplished as an MCKRE Lead Buyer Specialist.  

Part of her success is also due to her tenacity and patience that comes, in part, from being a mom to two teenage sons. Outside of work, Belinda loves spending time with her husband Michael and her two boys Austin and Jared.  They love the outdoors and can usually be found hunting, fishing, or playing ball.

Belinda is extremely personable.  She could walk into a room full of strangers and easily befriend them all.  

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