Annie Frenzel

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Position: Director of Buyer Services

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Annie’s enthusiasm and optimism combined with her kindheartedness make her an absolute joy to be around. Those qualities filter beautifully into her role as Director of Buyer Services as she sets the standard for communication and care for the Buy Team’s support staff.  With Annie’s background in psychology, she comes to this position as a listener, with mutual respect and a commitment to the process in order to empower both the members of our buy team and consequently the clients they serve. 

Annie is a brave and independent soul, having left New York to venture to the south that called to her… knowing no one! She followed her path, as well as her instincts, and found our team at MCKRE. She also works in partnership with Laura Montocchio, our Vice President of Buyer Services, to help ensure that Laura’s clients receive a consistently top-notch experience. 

Annie is currently channeling the same focus and determination she uses in real estate to training for a half marathon! Whether singing, running or shining her bright inner light, we love and admire her tenacity and spirit. We are also keenly aware of how important those traits are in the home-buying process. We are grateful that Annie joined the MCKRE team! 

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