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Position: Marketing

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Andie was a small business owner for several years, as girl boss of Cote Boutique here in Morehead City.  Marketing, social media and graphic design took a front seat to fashion, providing success and tremendous satisfaction for Andie. Now, Andie uses the marketing skills she learned in the small business world to run all of MCKRE’s digital advertising.

She is someone who is comforted by information and numbers and seeks out the story within the data.  Now on our Marketing Team at MCKRE, Andie relishes the opportunity to expand and enhance her already proven skills and relay that message to the real estate world. 

Andie’s combination of creativity and determination merge to make her an innovative thinker and problem solver. She consistently finds new ways to overcome any challenge and is known for her tenacity and fresh approach to even the mundane.  Methodical in more ways than one, she is also known, in her neighborhood, for walking her dog at the exact same time every day. Andie thrives on routine! She also thrives on connections. Whether it’s with the people that live nearby, or her workmates; having good relationships—with family and with friends, and enjoying what she does is what keeps her feeling fulfilled.   

We are grateful to have this sweet addition to our team!

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